March 25, 2016 Tutor Expo at Gavilan

Gavilan College
On March 25, 2016, Gavilan will host its first Tutor Expo.  The purpose of the Expo is to extend tutoring networks of support within our campuses, our region, and our state.  The goals of the Expo are to help build peer tutor expertise, share strategies for collaborating with faculty and staff to provide effective academic support, showcase good work tutors are doing, and raise the profile of tutors, honoring them as professionals engaged in professional learning. The theme for our expo is “Making Connections.”  We want to help tutors connect with tutors, tutors to connect with instructors, and tutors to connect with institutions. 
Registration is currently open, and submissions for presentations and poster sessions will be accepted through December 12th
Please open this flyer for more information: 3CSN_Tutor_Expo_GAV

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