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BSI Coordinator Event at Solano College

  Yesterday’s BSI Coordinator Event was awesome!  A mighty group of educators met to hear about important developments across the state and to talk student success. Wondering why Daedalus and Icarus?  John Hetts, Senior Director of Data Science at Educational Results Partnership, gave an inspired presentation titled “Let Icarus Fly: The Four Cornerstones of Gateway Course Completion […]

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Upcoming BSI Coordinator Event on 5/8

Solano College is hosting a BSI Coordinator Event on May 8.  To find out more and to register for the event visit:  

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Sense and Sensibility at College of Marin

College of Marin hosted a BSI Sharing Event titled “Sense and Sensibility” all about targeting the hearts and minds of our students to help them achieve greater success.  Workshop facilitators Meg Pasquel and Cheo Massion shared their passion for student success and engaged participants in an important dialogue about how we can help all students […]

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Habits of Mind at Cabrillo College

[youtube][/youtube]On April 24, Cabrillo College hosted a day-long conference on the Habits of Mind.  An energetic group of 68 educators representing instruction, student services and management from Cabrillo, Gavilan, Monterrey Peninsula, San Jose City, CSU Monterrey Bay, and Santa Rosa focused on cultivating successful Habits of Mind for student learning. After an introduction to the […]

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Habits of Mind at De Anza College

De Anza College hosted an introductory Habits of Mind session on April 23.  Educators from De Anza, San Jose City, Foothill and Santa Rosa learned about Habits of Mind and how they can be used to facilitate greater success on college campuses, while practicing three Habits of Mind:  “Creating, Imagining, Innovating,”  “Thinking Interdependently,” and “Responding […]

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Upcoming Events

Looking for powerful professional learning?  3CSN’s Northern California Learning Network is organizing the following Reading Apprenticeship and Habits of Mind Events:   De Anza College is hosting a Habits of Mind event on April 23, 2:30-6:30pm:   Cabrillo is organizing a conference that will include Habits of Mind on April 24:   Skyline […]

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At Friday’s LINKS 11 event at College of San Mateo, we focused on scaling programs and best practices. College of San Mateo shared how they’ve scaled Reading Apprenticeship, and participants made plans to scale their own initiatives by starting with why.

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ESL Sharing Event at Laney

On Feb. 20, we convened the first ESL Sharing Event in Northern California to talk about structural changes taking place in ESL departments, current professional learning opportunities and needed opportunities.  All of this lead to a lively discussion on how 3CSN can help facilitate the creation of a statewide ESL Community of Practice.  Stay tuned […]

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