Las Positas will host Re-Envisioning General Education: Threshold Concepts, Wicked Problems, and Intersegmental Conversation on November 7

Are you interested in collaborating across disciplines and institutions to re-envision general education?

Join the California Community College Success Network (3CSN) and CSU’s “Give Students a Compass” Initiative in imagining innovative, integrated General Education curricula based on threshold concepts and “wicked problems.” 

Threshold concepts are the core ideas that disciplinary practitioners see through and think with, the ideas they use to ask questions, to problem-solve and to create new knowledge.  Recent cross-disciplinary research indicates that repeated, sustained attention to threshold concepts over the various levels of education positively impacts a students’ ability to transfer their knowledge to new contexts.  In particular, a curriculum focused on approaching complex social problems through the lens of threshold concepts explicitly teaches students how to problem solve from distinct disciplinary perspectives, to explore the affordances and limitations of different disciplinary habits of mind, and to make visible the need for multi-disciplinary approaches to “wicked problems,” urgent challenges that are difficult to resolve because they are complex, contested, and constantly changing.

 For more information and to register.

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